EHX Big Muff Pi Replica Complete Kit

EHX Big Muff Pi Replica Complete Kit

Got it working thanks. I had d3 and d4 in the wrong holes. I have two more questions. It is pretty boomy with high gain pickups. Seems to get too much thud picks up every palm mute rest like a drum. How can I reduce this?

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This is more an adaptation than a verbatim clone, but will give you the same results. The original used a CD quad bilateral switch to do the Tone Wicker switching which seems very much like an unnecessary inclusion when you consider all it is doing is bypassing the p base collector capacitors, so it seemed that instead of using a DPDT switch and CD with the associated increase in required board space, it makes much more sense to simply use a 3PDT toggle for exactly the same results.

Info about the original from Electro Harmonix:

The Russian made Big Muff pots also lack date codes. POT TYPES and REPLACEMENTS – Vintage USA Big Muffs have single-gang linear taper 24mm k potentiomers. Electro-Harmonix used pots from various makers, but they were usually the 24mm size, with 1/4″ knob posts.

It has also been described as one of the most articulate Muffs, with a clarity that many of the later Muffs seemed to lack. However, it should be clearly stated that there is no ‘one’ Triangle Big Muff tone. There is more variance from unit to unit than any other version due to the wide variety of component values used in the circuit, changing several times a year. It is very rare to find two Triangles with exactly the same values. It should be noted that the only real difference between the V1 and V2 Big Muff was the enclosure.

They both spanned the same wide range of possible sounds. In the extreme ranges you may find some are very dry and fuzzy sounding, some gritty and fat, some thin and gainy, some thick but smooth, et cetera. The wide variety in sounds is one reason these Triangle Big Muffs are so collectible. The reason many people say the Triangle is the best version of the Big Muff is probably due to a few circuit traces that circulated for several years, which most clones were based on.

Those few circuit traces were just a couple out of dozens of traces that could be made of V1 Big Muffs randomly pulled off the production line on any given week. That said, there are some attributes that define a “typical” V1, and I use that term loosely. These descriptions fit the Triangles I am familiar with, about 12 examples from around at the time this was written, plus the dozens of circuit photos I have examined. The mids were very scooped, as in flat or removed.

Sustain varied from unit to unit, but most were high gain and clear.

“Muff Opportunity” (Big Muff Pi™ – Opamp clone) PCB

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Which Big Muff Nano? Green Russian vs OP amp vs PI

Super Fuzz SF is an extremely versatile cheap solution for anyone looking to get some dirt on their signal on a budget. This pedal comes with three distortion settings, including straight up fuzz, which gives you great tone shaping options. This is especially true considering the price range we are talking about.

V7C QUICK IDENTIFIER – First Edition- Tall Font: Thick cast metal box bottom with ridges on the sides, a plastic battery door cover, all green color, tall Big Muff Pi font, gray knobs or black dimple top knobs, four outer screws.

Nov 27, mmd said: What HAS worked is using a compressor in front of a fuzz. I use the Big Muff Pi a lot. A good fuzz should be your drive. It’s nasty, abrasive, and can be ugly. To my ear, Orange amp overdrive is very near to fuzz anyway obviously NOT full-on fuzz, but similar characteristics. Are you wanting MORE fuzz? If you’re attempting to get more saturation from the Muff, put a compressor in front of it.

The Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi

See the lowest price on eBay. The first thing to point out about the Deluxe Big Muff is that it easily captures the classic Big Muff Pi sound, making it immediately worthy of its namesake. Dialing in the Gate just a little higher ensures a very quick response between your riffs for tight stabs of saturated Muff goodness. The Attack control may seem underrated at first, but it actually gives the Deluxe Big Muff Pi a very unique feel compared to other Muff style fuzz pedals.

Several variations of the Big Muff Pi followed throughout the s. As of [update] Electro-Harmonix produced a reissue assembled in New York City ; until it produced a version made by Sovtek in Russia which provided a slightly different tone.

Called EHX for short, the company was founded by Mike Matthews in New York City back in , around the time that effects pedals were starting to enter the mainstream. That got Electro-Harmonix in on the ground floor, and they’ve gone on to become synonymous with rock and roll. EHX has been a leading influence on the pedal industry since the mid to late s, when they helped to pave the way in shaping effects pedals as we know them today.

By creating the first stompbox that could deliver the power guitarists needed in an economical package, Electro-Harmonix broke new ground in introducing musicians of all levels to the possibilities offered by effects pedals. Most seasoned guitarists could tell quite a few stories about performing with the early Memory Man, Electric Mistress and Hot Tubes pedals. Even if you’ve never heard of this pedal by name, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve heard it in action.

Rounding out the list are even more artists including David Gilmour, The Edge, Billy Corgan and Jack White – it says a lot about this pedal that its roster of users reads like a who’s who of the last few decades in popular music. Whatever effect you’re looking for, Electro-Harmonix has you covered. Flangers, chorus, compressors, delays, loopers, they’re all here in the EHX lineup. Any sound you want to make can probably be accomplished, whether through one devoted pedal or stacking up different effects to make it happen.

These pedals are ready to take on all of your effects tasks, from minor tweaks to shaping a whole new signature sound for that big solo.

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Thousands of these things were sold to crazed guitarists around the world seeking that down and dirty sound that only a Big Muff could deliver. The Big Muff was a mainstay of EH almost since the company’s beginnings. In its long history, it went through several changes which I shall discuss here. The famous “triangle knob” version, so called because of the triangular arrangement of the knobs Figure 1.

Nov 07,  · Of all their effects, Electro-Harmonix is probably best known for the Big Muff Pi. Even if you’ve never heard of this pedal by name, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve heard it in action. A pedalboard staple for guitarists like Kurt Cobain, Pete Townshend and Ace Frehley, the Big Muff Pi has played a crucial role in rock history.

The pots are what the knobs are mounted to, essentally manually adjustable resisitors that control the voltage across a circuit. The codes were created by the Electronic Industries Association EIA in s to identify the product source and date of manufacture. The first string of numbers is usually the part number, or sometimes the pot value. In the second string of numbers, the first three numbers are a code identifying the manufacturer.

The next two numbers after the manufacturer number are the year, and the last two numbers are the week of the year the pots were made. So a pot stamped is a CTS pot made in the 33rd week of Note that this does not mean a Muff with a pot was actually made in , it just means it was not made much earlier than The Muff could have been made months or even years after the pots were purchased as it is known that Electro-Harmonix bought the pots in bulk, as did Fender, and other companies at the time.

Stackpole and CTS made the pots in large runs also, so they may have shipped pots dated earlier than the year Electro-Harmonix ordered them. This just gives you a ball-park age for the Muff. Some Triangle Muff pot codes are dated , two years earlier than the founding of Electro-Harmonix! Even buying new CTS pots today does not give you an accurate age because they are dated several months in advance of actual manufacture. The Russian made Big Muff pots also lack date codes.

Logarithmic taper pots, or audio pots, will also work for the volume pot and sound better, but they are more expensive than linear.

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Michigan Thanks for the tips, 11 Gauge. I did a little bit of investigating and testing last night, but with a pedal I really don’t know what I’m looking for. The pedal supposedly worked 7 years ago when the switch broke, but nobody remembers how they determined that it was the switch so I don’t really know if that was the only issue at the time. The Sustain control makes absolutely no difference in the sound or output of the signal and the signal sounds more or less like the guitar with maybe some tone suck I did wiggle tests on all of the wire leads and those seem to be fine.

I didn’t get any funny noises or anything and even tapped their solder connections to the traces without hearing any pops. I tried testing the pots in the circuit and the Volume and Tone pots appear to act somewhat normal in that I can get a 90k reading across them and see some change when I test the wiper to an outside lug.

Deluxe Big Muff Pi “Insiders Guide” by Bill Ruppert

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