History of Samoa

History of Samoa

Archaeological evidence dating to that time has been found at eastern Tutuila Island and on Ofu Island. Subsequent outside visitors included other European explorers, Christian missionaries and whaling ships. By the s, Britain and Germany had laid claims to the islands. In March , German, English, and American warships stood ready to go to war over possession of the islands, but the impending battle never ensued because of a hurricane. That year, the U. From through , the sanctuary consisted solely of one 0. In , NOAA established the sanctuary advisory council to provide advice and recommendations to the sanctuary superintendent on sanctuary protection and management.

Interesting facts about Samoa

They include [k, g, x, ng]. Palatovelar consonants are articulated with the back part of the tongue against the hard palate. Please note that not all languages fall neatly into these categories.

The Hawaii native, now living in the Bay Area, tattooed nine blue dashes on the sensory organ when his dad passed away two years ago — just as his ancestors did centuries ago as a sign of mourning.

Each country has a show schedule, where employees, typically from the country they are representing, dance or sing or perform a show from their country. Samoa Our first stop was at the village of Samoa. By the way, if you have time to attend the Samoa village show, it was pretty entertaining. They showed all the uses in the Samoan culture for the coconut, from eating the meat, to using the husk to start a fire, and even using a coconut to play rugby.

Samoan sausage and gravy 1. Due to the strong British influence throughout the history of Samoa, there are many similarities and influences in the local modern cuisine. The gravy enhanced it even more, and went well with the rice as well. Samoan panipopo Next up was panipopo, something I had never seen or tried before. The sweetness came from the coconut cream, which was thick like gravy, and lightly sweetened. Half-Moon pineapple pie 3.

The pie was filled with a pineapple flavored creamy inside that was custardy and silky smooth. The outside dough wrapper was nice and crumbly. If you like pastries, this was pretty good, but I enjoyed the panipopo better.

Languages in Samoa

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter While it is not widely known in Australia, there is a third gender of people who make up an important and accepted part of Samoan culture. They mostly have relationships with heterosexual men and are generally not gay. In Samoa, gender identity is largely based on a person’s role in the family and if one family has numerous sons and no daughters, it’s not uncommon to raise one of the boys as a girl.

There is still debate over the definitive origins of Polynesian culture and that transfers also, to the notion of tattooing. One thing that is certain is that the term Polynesian or Polynesia incorporates many tribes including Marquesans, Samoans, Niueans, Tongans, Cook Islanders, Hawaiians, Tahitians and Maori.

Oral tradition holds that the Samoan archipelago was created by the god Tagaloa at the beginning of history. The distinction was necessitated by the partitioning of the archipelago in All Samoans adhere to a set of core social values and practices known as fa’a Samoa and speak the Samoan language. The official name today is Samoa. Samoa includes nine inhabited islands on top of a submarine mountain range.

The largest islands are Savai’i at square miles square kilometers and Upolu at square miles square kilometers , on which the capital, Apia, is located. The capital and port developed around Apia Bay from an aggregation of thirteen villages. The population is estimated at , for the year , 94 percent of which is is ethnically Samoan. A small number of people of mixed descent are descendants of Samoans and European, Chinese, Melanesians, and other Polynesians who settled in the country in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Samoan belongs to a group of Austronesian languages spoken throughout Polynesia.

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While tattoos in general are very popular, Polynesia is often credited as the origin of this kind of body art, and as Samoans, we feel a certain obligation to the craft that is such a huge part of our cultural heritage. He was a prolific author with 8 matai titles of his own and decades of experience educating in this field, so his authority on the topic was largely unrivaled.

I was the only one who would reply to him in English when he asked a question. But he was always very kind and patient.

Islanders, also known as Polynesians, and the white culture. The Polynesian islands consist of many islands in the Pacific Ocean: Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa (Western and American), Tahiti, New Zealand, and Fiji. This study will fill in the gaps of interracial relationships specifically between a white and Polynesian heterosexual couple.

Unlike Melanesia, for example, where figures are often abstract and polychrome, Polynesian sculpture is rarely painted and relatively realistic. You may read more by this excellent author by following links at the bottom of the page. Different and sometimes surprising theories were conceived… Polynesians came from the East or the West?

Some were saying that Polynesian people were issued from different places on earth and others thought they were on the spot before their continent sank. Having been told and retold, the Legend of Captain Cook is one of the most, if not the most, fascinating stories in Polynesian history. Students will explore the geography of Polynesia, the origins of the Polynesian people, ancient and modern Polynesian culture, and the relationship of Polynesian people with their natural environment the sea.

Nowhere else on earth will you find ancient Polynesian remains other than within the Polynesian Triangle or maybe along the coast of the adjacent land masses like the Americas. You will find click-to-read summaries. Martin’s College – http: This is an all encompassing concept that dictates how Samoans are meant to behave.

Indo-European Language Family

Looking up at palm trees. Solomon Islands This Melanesian country is best known for its many islands and beaches Don’t miss out on the unique Melanesian culture and foods though!

Welcome to Samoa A to Z the visitors guide to what this wonderful tropical destination offers and make your vacation or honeymoon as rewarding as possible.

Archaeology in Samoa Archeologists place the earliest human settlement of the Samoan archipelago at around years before present. This date is based upon the ancient lapita pottery shards found throughout the islands; The oldest evidence being in Mulifanua. Another mystery is that the making of pottery suddenly stopped; there is no oral tradition among the people of Samoa that explains this but some theories suggest the lack of available pottery-making materials in Polynesia meant the majority of pottery was imported during migration and not locally sourced or made.

Linguistically, the Samoan language belongs to the Polynesian sub-branch of the Austronesian language family , whose origin is thought to be in Taiwan. Prior to the arrival of the Europeans in the early s, Samoa’s history was interwoven with that of certain chiefdoms of Fiji as well as the history of the kingdom of Tonga. The oral history of Samoa preserves the memories of many battles fought between Samoa and neighboring islands.

Too, intermarriage of Tongan and Fijian royalty to Samoan nobility has helped build close relationships between these island nations that exist to the present; these royal blood ties are acknowledged at special events and cultural gatherings. Other Samoan folklore tells of the arrival of two maidens from Fiji who brought the tools necessary to create the art of tatau, or in English tattoo , whence came the traditional Samoan malofie also known as pe’a for men and as malu for women.

Tutuila, Ta’u, and Ofu Islands: National Park of American Samoa

It represents the Playboy image. Rag A bandana, which displays the colors of the gang. Rank A person who carries status in the gang. Red This symbol is used mostly by the Nuestra Familia. It is the color that Northern California Hispanic gang members identify with.

Samoan Dating Culture Ryan Lagasse Dating Norms in Samoa Marriage Customs The marriage customs in Samoa are similar to those of American culture. Symbols and Ceremonies Samoan weddings are generally planned by the family, and the major symbols used .

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It is taken very seriously. Respecting your elders–Parents, aunts, uncles, older siblings are to be respected by younger children. Children are to listen and respect the wishes of their parents.

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March 22nd, , 1: My parents migrated to NZ in the 40’s. I was brought up like any typical samoan girl in the samoan community. I was schooled in the city located an hour away from home. Polynesians at this private school were a minority. Don’t get me wrong. Some are but not very common. Then it occurred to me as to why. Ethics behind polynesian culture in some way contradict the western culture. That alone handicaps everything in regards to courtship between a polynesian.

In saying that, it also depends on the background of the male. For example; Samoan families depend on each other heavily and to be a good samoan girl I would work and stay home to support the family.

Understanding the World, its People, and Cultures

Currently, the most eastern Lapita site is Mulifanua in Samoa where 4, pottery sherds and two Lapita type adzes have been recovered. The site has a true age of c. Humans, their domesticates, and species that were introduced involuntarily perhaps as the Polynesian Rat was led to extinctions of endemic species on many islands, especially of flightless birds. Language[ edit ] Researchers suppose that the “Lapita people” spoke proto-Oceanic , a precursor of the Oceanic branch of Austronesian.

However, given the difficulty of linking non-literate material culture to languages, this attribution cannot be verified by independent sources. Origin[ edit ] An ultimate Southeast Asian origin of the Lapita complex is assumed by most scholars, perhaps originating from the Austronesians in Taiwan or southern China some 5, to 6, years ago.

History. Human history in American Samoa dates back about 3, years, making the Samoan culture the oldest in Polynesia. Archaeological evidence dating to that time has been found at eastern Tutuila Island and on Ofu Island. With the exception of Ta’u, the Samoan islands were under Tongan conquest from to A.D.

In , the category “Other Asian or Pacific Islander” was added to the questionnaire along with a write-in area for all unspecified groups of Polynesian, Micronesian or Melanesian cultural backgrounds. The Census further allowed respondents to pick more than one racial identity and as a result, divining what the exact NHPI population is became more difficult, especially since a huge proportion-more than half of all NHPIs-are of multiracial ancestry.

Also, Pacific Islanders residing in the U. Virgin Islands are completely excluded by the Census. Hawai’i , and California , The monarchy originally founded by King Kamehameha I in was overthrown in by U.

The Laughing Samoans – “Different Cultures” from Funny Chokers

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